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Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.


Pineapples are the second most loved tropical fruit around the world.Pineapple juice is delicious for your taste palate because its flavor is not only the thing that makes it the favorite of many. It's also packed with an abundant nutrients that lend it to magical properties making it excellent for your overall health.
Table of Contents:
      ·        Nutritional facts of pineapple
      ·     Health benefits of pineapple
      ·        Summary

Nutritional facts of pineapple

The main nutrient in 100 grams of pineapple contain:
  §  Calories per 100 grams serving: 46
  §  Protein:  0.4 g
  §  Carbohydrates:10.8 g
  §  Dietary fiber: 2.8 g
  §  Sugar: 8 g
  §  Fat:0.1 g

Health Benefits of Pineapple

Here are some of the benefits of pineapple  that make it a healthy option.
1. Healthy digestive system :
A healthy digestion system is one of the significant benefits of pineapple. Pineapple juice daily and bid farewell to digestion related problems like bloating and constipation. Bromeliads present in pineapple juice aids in the breaking down of proteins that are the primary cause of all your digestive troubles. Proteins are hard to digest and are known to cause indigestion. Hence those suffering from indigestion should consume pineapple  to get rid of the problem.
2. Benefits the skin:
Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

Beautiful and flawless skin is no longer a dream if you start consuming organic and fresh pineapple. It's because pineapple contains high amounts of vitamin C and potassium both the which of potent antioxidant properties. These help in combating the damaging free radicals present in your body that cause skin aging and result in the development of dark spots wrinkles of fine lines. Drinking pineapple juice can slow down the aging process and make your skin look younger and supply furthermore vitamin C also has antibacterial properties and can effectively prevent acne breakouts.

3. Weight loss:
Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

Pineapple  is helpful in weight management and is part of many detox diets. It's a natural diuretic. There helps release toxins from the body. Bromelain present in it helps metabolize protein and burn excess fat in the abdominal area. This is why pineapple is used to reduce stomach bloating and to fight belly fat.

4. Relieves joint pain:
Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

Being enriched with anti-inflammatory qualities. It relieves muscle cramps in joint pain. These qualities also make it ideal for the injuries caused by exercises or any outdoor activity. Also bromelain found in it can treat arthritis. Moreover the anti-inflammatory components of it combat the inflammation that occurs in the joints,which is often considered as a symptom of arthritis.

5. Boosts the kidney health:
Pineapple juice being a natural diuretic boosts the health of your kidneys. Some people have a lot of toxins in their body throughout the day that need to be flushed out. It is necessary because the accumulation of too many toxins in the body puts a strain on your kidney and hampers its functioning. Pineapple juice is a natural diuretic that eases the removal of toxins from the body and relieves your kidney from the strain. Being a Juicy it increases urination and thus helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and keeping your kidneys clean and healthy.
6. Increases fertility:
The impressive nutritional profile of pineapple containing essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C,zinc, folate ,copper making excellent food for increasing fertility both in men as well as women. The antioxidant properties of the fruit aids in killing the free radicals present in the body. Thus aiding women in conceiving.
7. Good for cardiovascular health :
Pineapple  for cardiovascular health heart diseases have a common factor that run throughout them and that's high cholesterol and the fact is for example that can contribute is poor diet, physical inactivity and stress. You can also improve your cardiovascular health by consuming pineapple. Since it's loaded with minerals fiber and vitamins that ensure proper heart function.
8.Pineapple improves blood circulation:
Pineapple contains potassium. There is certain properties that prevents the blood from clotting. In addition to it the juice also provides you with an adequate amount of copper that aids your body in carrying out various functions of which the most important is the formation of red blood cells, an increased amount of red blood cells in your blood ensure sufficient supply of oxygen to all parts of the body, which is essential for them to work at their optimum level. Improve blood circulation also increases your cognitive function and maintains neural pathways, thus preventing mental decline with age in diseases like Alzheimer's.
9. Improve eye health:
Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

Vitamin C found in pineapple which  is great in preventing cataracts. Drinking the juice regularly can protect your overall vision as you age and also keep many vision related problems  at  bay.

10. Strengthens the bones:
Pineapple  is extremely beneficial to build stronger bones. This tropical fruit is enriched with manganese which ensures strong bones and tissues. Only a single serving of it contains 73% manganese that is required on a daily basis. It is noteworthy here that eating  pineapple for solid bones is not just effective for children but as well as for adults.
11. Reduce cholesterol:
Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

A chilled glass of pineapple juice can lower high cholesterol levels. It has properties that naturally reduce extra cholesterol in your bloodstream.It has a significant impact on plasma, lipids. Many studies have concluded that regular consumption of pineapple  normalizes blood pressure and controls the factors that promote it.
12. Pineapple  is also known to treat a cough :
In a cold the presence of oil malanez and vitamin C make pineapple  quite effective against various respiratory issues. Bromelain eases the inflammation and irritation in your voice box and at the back of your tongue. Hence you can also use pineapple for a sore throat. Pineapple  works wonders for your respiratory tract by reducing the mucus and phlegm buildup in the respiratory tract that may cause difficulty in breathing in troubles. You can use pineapple juice for a coffees, well vitamin C present also boosts your immunity and guards you against viral infections like the flu and cold.
13. Boosts metabolism:
The B vitamins found in pineapple of a number of metabolic functions in the body ranging from the creation of enzymes to neurotransmitter functions in red blood cell production without a steady supply of B vitamins many of the critical processes in the body whole  efficiency
14. Boosts energy :
Pineapple : Health benefits of pineapple, nutritional facts and calories per serving in pineapple.

To stay energized your body needs certain nutrients to stay active and alert .Drinking pineapple juice will get you up and ready for the day with the necessary nutrients. Your body craves a ton of vitamin C is present in the juice and when combined with vitamin B1. It boosts your metabolism in energy.
15. Reduce risk of cancer:
It can reduce your risk of cancer- antioxidants are known to keep the risk of cancerous cells at bay.According to a recent study the presence of antioxidants in bromelain can fight cancerous cells and free radicals. The bromelain enzymes has the potential to impede the growth of cancerous cells. Moreover pineapple  also functions as an immunity booster and can prevent various types of cancer from developing.
16. Prevents anemia:
Pineapples are truly a gift of nature apart from all the vitamins this fruit is loaded with iron which is essential. When it comes to people suffering from iron deficiency whilst eaten in a raw form or consumed in a juice form. The minerals found in it contributes to the formation of red blood cells, less red blood cells in the blood cause anemia which in turn can lead to a score of health disorders.

What are side effects of eating pineapple ?

So let's take a look at the side effects of pineapple. There are some side effects associated with the  pineapple however, when used in moderation.This  can have a range of positive effects on overall health but some people may suffer an allergic reaction. This may be breathing difficulties and upset stomach, inflamed tissues of the gum, tongue and  lips a reall signs of an allergic reaction to pineapple. This is common in people with allergies to pineapple and having alatex allergy but may also occur when excessive amounts of the pineapple is consumed.Some people may also get an upset stomach. Studies have shown the bromelain the active enzyme in pineapple  can occur diarrhea, nausea in other gastrointestinal problems,when consumed in excess. People with bleeding disorders can also have issues. Some of the compounds in pineapple of blood-thinning qualities which is not good for people who have bleeding disorders or are undergoing surgery in the near future.It can also cause oral health issues drinking too much pineapple juice can damage the mucous membrane in the mouth and slow the production of mucus furthermore it can cause gingivitis and cavities due to the high level of sugar. After eating the pineapple follow it with water or brush your teeth to avoid these potential side effects.
Also please note that the benefits mentioned in this article are of a freshly pineapple. The packaged pineapple juice is available in the market may not contain all the essential nutrients. They may contain additives that can hurt your health.
Summary :
To conclude pineapple  is not just a refreshing summer fruit but it has a number of components. In enzymes that can help treat various health problems. Add the sweet and sour fruit to your diet and get allthe amazing health benefits that it offers.

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