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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Apple : Nutritional facts and 16 amazing health benefits of apple.

(” An apple a day keeps the doctor away”)
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An apple is a sweet, edible delicious and crunchy fruit. It is one of most popular and favorite fruits among the health conscious.
Apples are one of the most exotic and amazing fruits that mother nature has blessed us with.

This post tells you nutritional facts and 16 amazing health benefits of apples.Table of contents

     ·        Nutritional value of apple
     ·        Health benefits of apple
     ·        Summary

Nutritional value of apple

The numerous health benefits of apples can be attributed to its rich nutritional content that is necessary for healthy body functioning.
 The main ingredients in 100 grams of apple contains:-
    ·        Calories:- 52
    ·        Protein:- 0.3 g  
    ·        Carbohydrates:- 14 g
    ·        Dietary fiber:- 2.4 g 
    ·         Sugar:- 10 g
    ·        Fat:- 0.2 g
Apple are good source of number of vitamin and minerals, including:- Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Manganese. Apples are also good source of dietary fiber.
Apples are a good source of several antioxidants, including quercetin, catechin, and chlorogenic acid. These plant compounds are responsible for many of apples’ benefits.


Let discuss about 16 most amazing health benefits of apple.
Apples are one of the world most popular fruits in the world and provide a great range of health benefits for the human body.

   1.     Protects the heart :- 
 Eating an apple a day can reduce your risk of having a stroke and heart disease. The phytonutrients within the fruit lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood stream. Apples also contain pectin. These soluble fibers naturally lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The fruit is also charged with antioxidant which serves the same purpose of fighting bad cholesterol.

    2.     Weight loss :-

     The fiber in the fruit fills the stomach for fewer calories. Reducing the calorie intake along with killing the hunger pangs. This fruit excellent for those who are dieting or trying to lose weight. If you eat a lot of starchy foods such as bread, pasta, cereal, pancakes etc then it is recommended to replace these with healthy fruits such as apples, pears, oranges and blueberries. These will protect your health long term and contribute to weight loss.

   3.     Prevent risk of cancer:-
 The antioxidant and inflammatory benefits of apples can help prevent different types cancer such as lung cancer and breast cancer. Apple is closely associated with reduction of cancer, especially lung cancer. Apples have potent anti-cancer abilities that protect the body from life sucking cancerous cells. Eat 1 apple daily is help to reduce the risk of lung and colon cancer.

4.     Promote bone health:-
 The high content of potassium in apple prevents loss of calcium in the blood which in turn help prevent loss of calcium in the bones. Daily eating an apple helps preserve bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is one key nutrient that promote bone health and teeth health. The calcium content of apple help prevent arthritis. The fruit should be a part of regular diet across all age group.
5.      Improve tooth health:-
Eating apples activate saliva, which kills up the 80% of bacteria in your mouth, preventing tooth decay and keeping them white. Vitamin c helps with bleeding gums.
6.     Anti-ageing benefits:- Apple is a great anti-ageing properties to lift the dull and wrinkled skin as well as keeping it moist. Regular intake of apples eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. Apple eliminate the wrinkles as well as heal and cleanse our skin. Apple also hydrates the skin. Apple  contains UVB defending particles that can provide extra protection from sun’s rays. This fruit can treat sunburns and prevent them from peeling.
Helpful in constipation: -
Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by constipation, abdominal pain and ballooning. To control these symptoms, doctors recommend staying away from dairy and fatty foods while including a high intake of fiber in your diet and apples are rich in fibers.  Drinking apple juice mixed with carrot juice is sure way to ease constipation.
8.     Improves brain function:-
 Eating an apple everyday can prevent the decline of a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine thus improving your memory. An apple can slow mental decline found in people with Alzheimer’s. Apples contain powerful antioxidant called quercetin. This wonderful ingredient boosts the heath by increasing neurotransmitters. This improve the memory, and helpful for those with Alzheimer’s disease.
9.     Helps in blood circulation:-
Apples are rich in iron, which helps maintain haemoglobin levels in the blood. It also regulates the red blood cells count in the body. Apple increase blood oxygenation, stimulate hair growth and accelerate healing. It is must have for patients suffering from anemia.
10.      Preventing asthma attacks:-  

     Asthma suffers often have low levels of antioxidants. Apples are high in vitamin C and flavonoids. Both are antioxidant. Vitamin C help to protect against asthma. Phytochemicals and  polyphenols are the chemicals that give apple its healing properties, which can assist an individual recovering from asthma, breathing problems and improve the general functioning of the lungs.

11.       Regulating the blood sugar:-
Apples contain powerful antioxidant. It also contains soluble fiber that help in slowing down the digestion of food and lessens the absorption of glucose into the blood stream, which is good for diabetic patients .Apples are loaded  with soluble fiber, the key to blunting blood sugar swing. The high soluble fiber , pectin in apples help in controlling blood sugar.Apples are good snacking food for diabetic patients.
12.       Aids digestion:-
Apples help improve  the functioning of the bacteria living inside our large intestine. Apple changes the metabolism within digestive tract, and change the balance of bacteria, which leads to improved health by maximizing nutrient uptake and eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins.
13.        Rich in vitamin C:- 
Consumption of apple boosts your intake of vitamin C. This vitamin is involved in the formation of collagen, a protein found abundantly in your skin. Deficiency of Vitamin C leads to low collagen production which ultimately causes reopening of old wounds and skin tearing.
14.         Boosts immunity:-
 Apples have an antioxidant known as quercetin which is especially rich in red delicious apple. This antioxidant boosts the immune system to build the natural defense of the body. Fibers also enhance the immune system. It is because of this  that apple are considered to be high immunity boosters.
15.         Detoxify the liver:-
Our body is toxcify by consuming drinks or fast food etc. One of the best thing  you can eat to detoxify your liver is fruits like apple which is composed of vitamins, minerals and fibers.
16.       Wound healing:-
Vitamin A in apple help to maintain healthy tissue in our bodies. Therefore apple can help accelerate the process of wound healing.

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Apple is nutritious, low calories fruits that are rich in vitamin, mineral and antioxidants.
The numerous health benefits found in apple are boost immunity, promotes heart health, prevent cancer, relief in constipation, aids digestion , improve the brain function and preventing asthma attacks.
To be healthy and keep our body fit and active, include apple into your daily diet. We should enjoy the benefits of apples by eating regularly in your diet and stay healthy.


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